How To Take Care Of Clothing When You Play Sports

When it comes to playing sports out on the field, many people want to be seen and cheered.  As a player on the field many people won’t really look at you as having dirty or ripped clothing, however, with patagonia clothing you really want to take care of it if at all possible.

Many people will purchase their sporting equipment and clothing from Beaver Sports or another sporting good company in your area.  The reason you will go there instead of a general store, is you will get clothing specifically designed for activity.

Soak your clothes

When cleaning your clothes you want to follow the same process that you would with anything that you wear.  You will first fill up a tub with hot water and soap.  You will also scrub soap directly into the stain in order to start the process of breaking up your clothing.  Soak your clothes for several hours allowing enough time to allow the stains to break apart.

Rinse well before washing

The next step is to wash well before washing your clothes.  When you rinse out the clothing before washing you are helping to remove all of the stain from clothing.  You can see if you still need to soak your clothes any longer.  Depending on how important it is to remove the stain, you may want to soak and rinse several times.  However, with sports clothing, you don’t really worry too much.

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Med rips well

You don’t want to have ripped clothing.  In many cases rips will happen at the joints or in seams because they are the areas that are worked as much as possible.  If you are wearing ripped or worn clothing it could affect your ability to engage fully in the activity which could affect the outcome.